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This website is for young children age 0-6. Purpose of making such a website is to give educational and entertainment background for little children who are still learning English . Probably it’ll make to give soft and happy thoughts into that little minds in a fancy way. How to colour and sing songs are inspired by this web site to little children . It content lots of games and different types of activities to little children. The text style is also made for children which has a fancy look on it. This is not a professional website so the layer seemed to be bond with simple colours and attracting pictures.

And from the graphics they have used in this website make little ones lively and active. In here for interactive elements they have put different links apart from homepage. If some one need to play games with sound then they can click sound in that web. Cbeebie is mix with lots of multi media task such as videos ,sounds and animation sound clips to game . This all features are trying to make this website more simple for little children in a fancy looking way. Computer weekly http://www. computerweekly. com/Home/Default. aspx? ;cmp=KNC-CWCW-AdWD-Content

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This website is made for professional IT people and to find jobs related to that backgrounds. This site is more complex than first one. And this is a magazine website so it content current news about IT technology. The house style seems to be more professional look. And there are some advertisements associated with computer. The text font that used in homepage is in other linking pages as well. Page house style and the same colour is used in every linking page to show their identity. Some graphics and moving pictures have used in this web .

But the music and entertainment interactive materials are not used in this website. This website gives a good opportunity to improve IT skills and target for people who interested with that stuff. FASHIONS http://www. style. com/ This website is a related to fashion and designing things. And this is aimed to the people who love to be with fashion and like to design cloths etc. The purpose of this website is to give creative and beautiful designs to people. This content many details about different cloths and there are plenty of pictures who are showing that cloths and designs in a fancy way.

Different cloths and jewelleries can be order from this website. And this website is consist of well-known designers who have designed fancy cloths. The house style is very attractive because it means to be one like that with that fancy pictures. Different font styles and sizes have been using to create this website. It contains some video clips on modelling a cloth by some people. But not music is included in to this web. MUSIC http://www. singersroom. com/ This website provides latest R;B tracks to the people who like music. We can buy those tracks, and listen to them.

This is targeted for every one who lives with music and likes to listen. They provide whole range of artists and can get their own songs in a fancy way. There are lots of pictures showing different types of singers. The font is different for every topic and sizes also vary like that. The layout background is made in a fancy way putting different colures to every column. And multi media task has made this site more colourful and useful to the people. Because it’s necessary to have a media player to play different songs and videos. You can click that fancy buttons to link in to other pages in it.

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