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I have been asked to evaluate two different interactive multimedia products. I will have to explain the good and bad features of the product and compare them each other. This report will help me to identify the things that I should avoid or include in my final product. Both of the products have been produced in flash and are animated stories for children. Product one: No dogs http://www. britishcouncil. org/kids-stories-no-dogs. htm This story has been created by British Council to help children to learn English efficiently.

It also includes two different activities one for younger children and other one for older children. Purpose: Many different multimedia products have different purposes, some are to advertise, inform or even persuade. The purpose of this story is to help children to improve their English in an interesting way. It allows user to read and listen to story as well. The other purpose of this story is to entertain children. Audience: This is short story which is about a dog that was not allowed in a park and felt sad so he went to park at night time when everyone was sleeping.

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The dog goes to the playground and play with other dogs. The audience of this story are children aged 7 – 10 who are learning basic English as it mentions that on the banner of the website. Content and Presentation: The story is very interesting and easy to understand for younger children. The first page has an activity for its user; there is a monkey and text which asks the user to find eight dogs by colouring the screen. This is a good feature of this story as it allows the users to interact.

I will not include this feature in my final product because I have got limited time and skills so I will include some simple interactions techniques. After this there are two options: one is to start the story and the other one is to start game. Below is the screen shot of page before starting the story. This story has relevant activities as well which can be done after watching the story. The story includes several different scenes i. e. backgrounds but the colour scheme and designs remains consistent which does not look tacky and relevant objects has been presented story in a good way.

This makes the animation eye-catching therefore I will ensure that I use the objects in my final animation to which are appropriate and relevant to make animation appealing The font style, size and colour are consistent all through. The text made the story easy to understand which makes the animation suitable for its audience and informative. I will include to text in my animation to inform the story and to make my animation suitable for its audience. Overall the presentation of the story is very professional and the content was appropriate and explaining what is happening in the story.

The presentation of the animation is important to make it suitable for its purpose and audience. If the presentation of an animation is boring then it will not attract the users and there is no point of creating an animation which users will not like. So to make sure that the presentation of my animation interesting I will include a title page, relevant text and consistent font style. This is text explaining the dog is thinking. Techniques used: This story has used a variety of techniques. There are buttons at the bottom of page which appears on every scene.

The left side buttons “read” allows the users to listen to the story. The right side button is to watch next scene. Apart from first scene each scene has another button to watch the previous scene again by clicking “back”. . The animation also uses text to illustrate the props. This is a positive aspect of this animation as it gives users some flexibility and control therefore I will include buttons in my animation l; if they miss a scene they will be able to watch it again. The buttons will make the animation makes the navigation easy and intuitive as well.

I will use text to on the scenes to illustrate objects where it is important so that the animation can be understood by my audience. This feature will help me to make my animation more suitable for its audience. Button This animation has used a lot of different props like bench, swing, door, trees, moon, stars, dog basket, bin, roundabout, ladder, slide, school bag, board, bed and springy etc and three different locations outside of school, home and playground. This story has four characters a dog, two girls and a mom.

Different objects, characters and locations has made this story interesting for its audience as younger children get bore of same location and objects. This is a good point because this has made it the animation appealing to its target audience. I will consider this point when creating my final product. I will make certain that I use different objects in my animation and different views of same location so that my animation is not boring and at the same time it is consistent. This animation has used different motion tweens.

It has use a motion tween to show the movement of neck as the characters turns their necks left and right, up and down. The characters’ eyes are blinking, legs and arms movement to show walking and running effects, lips are moving to give an impression of talking. There is another motion tween which shows the movement of dog’s tail. This is a very good technique as it makes the animation realistic and interesting. When creating my final product I will ensure that I use motion tweens to show movement effects of characters and objects in my animation to make it realistic and keep the interest of audience.

This story has used text in a scene. This is to illustrate its audience how long it has been in a story. It has also used the fading technique, the text fades and the characters appear. This is a good point because it allows audience to watch and understand what’s going on in the animation and the fading technique is another effect to make the animation interesting. I will use the text where it will be vital to use because unnecessary use of text will make the animation too simplistic so that the user would feel that the animation is aimed at people of a lower age and ability to them.

However the fading technique depends on my design requirements. If my designed required me to use this technique I will use it otherwise it will be irrelevant to use. This animation has used different effects on objects so they can stand out on the scene. The glowing and sharpen effects have been added to moon and stars as they are shining. Some of the scenes show the effect of night time as the colour adjustment technique has been used. This is a high quality technique and makes the animation professional.

I will ensure that I use this technique if I put a sun or moon in my story; it will help me to make my animation realistic and that it is to the best standard possible. This animation has used techniques to show the realistic effect of dog squeezing through a cat flap. This animation has used motion tween to show movement, below the screen shots is to show there are lots of dogs and that are walking, running, blinking their eyes, moving their tails and movement of mouth to show that they are barking. There is also a circle which is spinning. The use of motion tweens in this animation has made it very vibrant and attractive.

I will use motion tweens in my animation to make sure that it is vibrant and realistic. The animation uses zoom in and zoom out technique to show the close up of dog while swinging. This is a good technique it helps to clearly show what happening in the animation, in this animation it has showed that the dog is happy while swinging. I will use this technique in my animation where its necessary to make the animation attractive to my audience. When story finish there is a dog at the centre and text “play the story again? ” below the screen shots are showing the technique used.

The first screen shot is taken before moving the mouse cursor to “play the story again” text. The second screen shots shows that when you going to click on the dog or text, the text become black and dog runs. This is a high quality technique and has make the animation very appealing and interesting. I will ensure that I put a “play again” button on last scene so that user can watch the animation again easily. However the use of button and motion tween of dog will not be possible for me to use as I have got limited skills and time to complete my final product.

This is a complicated technique so I will need time to learn it which may reduce the time to fulfil my animation’s basic requirements. Navigation and interaction: It is easy to navigate the animation by using the next and back buttons through page by page. On each page there is another button “read” to listen the story. The last page allows user to watch the animation again by clicking the play the story again. At the start of the animation there are two options one is to start story and other one is to start game.

The game is not relevant to story it about finding eight dogs on the screen by colouring it. There are three relevant activities which can be done after reading the story. The first activity is for little kids. In this activity children just have to tick in the boxes next to a picture to tell what the girls played on, what did the dog play on? The next activity is for older kids. In this activity they have to write who said what and write about the play next to it picture. The third activity is to put the story in order. Only third activity in an online activity which means it has interactive features.

The relevant activities is a good feature, these activities has made the animation suitable for its purpose which is to improve younger children’s English by checking what have they learnt and remembered from the story. The purpose of my animation is to provide entertainment and my client does not require me to create relevant activities so I am not going to include activities. However I will make sure that my animation is interactive so that the users do not get bore. I will include buttons to navigate around and allow users to choose their own route to ending.

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