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Attatched are annotated printouts and photocopies of my major sources. The comments on them are about the relevance and value of the information I’ve obtained. Source Content Value Website – Yahoo Search Engine Different websites with information about study skills and time management, and the content of these websites. This website gave me a number of websites that were very useful for this assignment, the main one being the one evaluated below.

Website – www. ucc. vt. edu/stdysk/stdyhlp. html Time management and use, study skills checklist, note taking, proof reading, procedures for writing papers, strategies for improving concentration and memory Some very useful information for a wide variety of different study skills. Checklist very useful for those who don’t know where they are lacking in study skills. Website – www. mmu. ac. uk/lsu/studyskills/pub-revision.html

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When and what to revise, revision methods, taking the exam, steps to high quality revision, learning revision activities. Some excellent and bullet points, although a bit undescriptive. However the bullet points are very useful “tit bits” of information. Book – The Good Study Guide – Andrew Northedge Time Management Some useful material on time management and planning, but a little vague on details.

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