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For my web page project I am going to redesign the school’s web site. The site is aimed at future students, parents of these future students and students already attending the school. It will include information about the subjects the school offers and current school activities, such as drama productions. It will also include a school calendar and helpful links such as revision sites that can be used by students. A web site would be the best idea as it can be updated regularly and can be accessed from all over the world.

The school thought about sending out information leaflets to parents but decided against it as it would be a waste of money and resources and also future students would not get a copy. To design a web page which is easy to understand and navigate through. I have decided to use Macromedia Flash 4. 0 because it contains all the features necessary to create the required layout for my web site. I thought of using HTML but it would be more difficult and much more time consuming. To enhance the Flash web site I will also use HTML, VBScript and JAVA Script.

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This will give my site the benefits of all four programming languages. I did not use VBScript and JAVA Script alone because they cannot be used alone to create a web page. When completed I will upload the web site using FTP Explorer to the Internet, which will enable the site to be accessed from all over the world. Analysis To complete the task of creating a web site for the school I will have to first create a layout, which is easy to understand, use, and navigate through.

This is not an easy task so I have decided to create more than one plan to test so that I can create the easiest website to understand, use, and navigate through. I will accomplish this by drawing plans of three or more layouts then to produce them in a questionnaire and ask a selection of people what the think of each one of my designs. Once I know what the layout has got to look I will have to decide on how the information is going to be presented. It will have to be big, bold and easy to read.

Once all the design factors are out of the way I can concentrate on putting the whole lot together and making it. This will involve creating a interactive movie in Flash which will use features such a Instance Movies, Variables, Buttons, Motion Tweening, Shape Tweening, and features which link Flash and HTML directly. Once I have done this I will have to create a HTML page which houses the Flash Movie. I will also have to include VBScripts and JAVA Scripts in the HTML page, these will be activated by the Flash movie that is being housed by the page.

Once I have completed the whole website I will put forward a questionnaire to Mr Wells the head of the school website who I hope will complete it and comment on the good content and the not so good content. From the whole website I hope to achieve an easy to use, understand and navigate through website. That is useful to students at the school now, future students, parents of present and future students, and people that are interested in the way the school works, is run and interested in just general information about the school. The links on my site will navigate through it as shown in the table below.

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