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Television advertising I would say that it would be expensive for only a few minutes so this is not a good way because it cost to much for less time. The advantage is that people would hear about it, but the disadvantage is that it would cost too much. National radio and newspapers are cheaper ways to advertise and newspaper is even cheaper still. The advantage for this is that people would learn about it and also less cost, but the disadvantage is all people don’t listen to radio and read newspapers.

The trade press is another good option when wanting to aim your product at a particular market. The advantage for this is that people would hear about, but the disadvantage is that some people are not interested in these kinds of things. In my opinion I would say that posters would be the best way to advertise City kebab in different areas because I think that people always look at the poster and get ideas. I would make sure the poster is near all the Stratford bus stops and the center of Stratford.

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The advantage for this is that people could learn about the new business. The disadvantage is that people sometimes ignore posters. The reason why I would say posters is a good idea of advertising is because if people ignore it they would still hear about it. I would say promotion is very important way of persuading people to buy food. I would do this by in front of City kebab I would put images of burgers and kebabs etc, to make customers fell hungry and also to attract customers.

I would stick on the window special offers for the students. The reason for this is because the place I have chosen up is near schools so therefore students would get attracted to special offers. The reason why promotion is very important to City kebab is because it is a good way of attracting customers and ways of advertising city kebab. It normally depends on the degree of competition in the market. There types of promotion such as above the line and below the line.

The choice can depend on the target market, if the market is local, the advertising, whether the method chosen will complement other elements of the marketing mix. City kebab could use the below the line promotion in order to gain publicity which involves media over the firm has control, such as trade fairs and direct mail. City kebab could use personal selling which includes sales team who make visits to customers. City kebab could use sales promotion, which is like buy more than i?? 5. 00 and get a can of drink for free.

I would also say I would make a discount for all students by providing a 10% off for students only. This would attract students a lot. I would also provide sales promotion to family customers who big a huge amount of food such as i?? 15. 00 and more free humus and bottle coke. The word public relations mean a business involving communicating with its different shareholders. I will aim to provide the public with a good image making members of staff where food shirts which would have City kebab written on them and the shop telephone number.

This would make the customers more attractive to the shop. The members of staff would sometimes go in conversation with the customers such as talking about football, which would make them happy. I would provide daily newspapers for customers to read while waiting for there food. This is because it would take their time rather than the customer sitting and waiting for food, which he would get bored. As I said I would provide free gifts to customers who buy expensive food such as more than i?? 25. 00 would get two extra pita breads, humus and Tamara salad.

According to my investigation there are students from Rokeby School, which are near Stratford center. This is very useful to me because I would put special deals such as buy kebab and get a soft drink, this would make the students happy and they would tell there friends which could raise the business. The way that I would be advertising my business is that I would order leaflets to be given out to all the areas such as Stratford, east ham, forest gate and also Becton. I would provide free delivery for towns except Stratford, which I think, would attract customers.

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