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Staff development and appraisal are kept by a department manager to check the progress of the employees within the business. This is us alley keep on a sheet of paper and in most business is done every 6months. What would happen is that the employees line manager would talk about there progress within the company and work out how the employee will improve there performance or reach there goals and targets. With doing appraisal and staff development within a business it helps the business to function better and more effectively. Induction and training

Induction and training is a process used to greet and welcome an employee into a new company. On induction a new employee is “shown the ropes” by experienced people within the business. This familiarises the new employee with the business and makes them feel welcome into the business. New employees have to also be trained on how to use things and also special tasks within the business. This can include sending these new employees on training courses Consultation and communication Communication within a business is very important.

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This is because without communication within the business there would be many problems. This is because people within the business must give orders to the staff below them and if these orders are not given certain jobs that need doing would not be done. Also records and databases could be affected if certain things are not put into them. There is a lack of communication within many businesses today which is a major problem. Also communication within a business includes the methods of communication which employees within the business have these include the followingCustomer records are much like staff records.

They are used within business to keep details on customers. They are us alley kept on a database. The advantages of keeping customers records on a database are that they can be easily accessed if they are needed again. If an employee typed in a customers surname and postcode all the details about that customer which are linked to the business will come up onto the database. You can store thousands of customers on databases and they are also very easy to use. Not a lot of training is required to use them and that’s most business today adopt databases.

Booking, reservation systems Booking and reservation systems are used within most travel and tourism business. It is used to take down customer’s details and also a way to take payments. When booking holidays customers sometimes book there accommodation by itself. They would do this by ringing up the hotel and booking over the phone or they could also do it online via the internet. Ticketing systems Customer complaints and feedback Feed back and customer complaints are us alley dealt with by management.

This is because many customers who have issued complaints would much prefer to speak to a member of management then a member of staff. Financial Systems: In any business there is a great need for financial systems. Finical systems are vital and are used in any business no matter how big or small it is. Financial systems are used to plan, monitor and to control and review the finances of an organisation. This includes information on cash flow charts which explains to movement of cash in and out of an organisation.

Financial records are keep to show the profitability of a company and also to compare them to years before and the following years. They do this so that they can see the business is progressing rather then receding. Once they check the records and see something is wrong they would access and analyse the problem and overcome it. The manager must plan ahead for sales and how much they must sell to meet there targets and goals. Also when looking at an organisation records they also look at the turnover this is money coming into the organisation.

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