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The first duty of a business is to survive, you may not be the most profitable business but a least u may still be able to compete in the future. If you are making enough profit it is worthwhile continuing with that business. As many businesses go bust due to not enough profits to cover their efforts they’re putting in. Survival in a business is all about continuing that business in the present and future. McDonalds are surviving by opening more and more franchises around the world so they can overtake the food retailing business, because anyone who provides a food service a threat to McDonalds

Increasing Sales Or Market Share This objective is important for organisations that wish to expand their profits. A large company can benefit from using a production line 24 hours a day to produce their items, Also a large company will be best positioned to buy its materials in bulk for cheap from its supplier’s than other small companies, and then sell to gain profits. The organisation that sells the most products is best positioned to benefit from cost savings on a larger scale. Many firms nowadays seek to be market leaders like Coca-Cola as they see the importance of market share and will do anything to increase supremacy.

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Providing Services To The Community Is also important because companies want everyone in all areas to buy what they are selling, so they produce everything for everyone to enjoy so they can make more money. While many organisations run their activities in profit-oriented ways, and others want to provide a service to the community. Producing High Quality Products Or Offering High Quality Services The aims of most organisations are that they want to give quality goods to customer’s requirements, so they receive what they expect or better than they expected. And receiving goods at high quality doesn’t always mean most expensive as most the expensive items are not always best quality nowadays.

Developing A Skilled Workforce McDonald’s organisation includes developing people at work in their objectives list. As the more they are trained is the better for their workforce as their importance is widely recognised. When McDonald’s are developing their workers intelligence they are helping them with their independency to make decisions on behalf of the organisation, to help make these decisions they have to have good communication skills, problem solving, and the ability to work in groups and in I. T. Fulfilling Charitable Or Non-Profit Objectives Such As Caring For The Environment And Social Responsibility.

McDonald’s have in the past fulfil a charitable objective for children, which was a non-profit project which was a huge success to charity McDonalds is a family restaurant that likes to be seen as a business that has a concern for the environment and the community. Over past years McDonalds has contributed to schools and colleges all over Britain and have been advertising their restaurants everywhere possible, like at football grounds and billboards near train stations etc.

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