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The uses of technology within the police forces in England have greatly increased the way in which the police serve and protect the population for the better. The aims of the Police force in England has been and will always be to both solve crime and to try to prevent it from happening The way in which the police go about investigating crimes has been revolutionised by the improving technology that has become available to the police. “Science and technology has transformed the fight against crime and will continue to do so.

From forensic science such as DNA and fingerprints, to technical equipment like breathalysers, and speed cameras, and Information Communication Technology such as the Police National Computer and Airwave, new technology is helping the police combat crime”. – Home Office Minister John Denham. The technology that the police now use is entirely different from that used two decades ago. One of the first crucial introductions of new technology in the police force was the mobile radio.

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These are battery-operated radios that allow the control room and officer on the beat to communicate important information such as the location of criminals or crimes that are occurring. The police have developed a nation DNA database that allows DNA to keep a record of anyone who has committed any crimes in the past. It is similar to the keeping of fingerprints of anyone who has been arrested. Advances that have been made have benefited both the Government in saving costs and the commuter who enjoys lower prices for fares.

Also with the technology that is now currently being used and developed ways of making journeys are quicker and more efficient. The methods of this include: Technology that currently in use such as magnetic strips in tube tickets and intelligent computer run payment machines that allow commuters to travel faster through paying barriers, and technology being developed such as sensors in the roads that allow the traffic lights to turn green on a particular road so that any buses that happen to be running late may speed up their journey and so keep buses running on time.

These methods all contribute to making operations easier, faster and helps to lower costs. Also the safety has improved through the use of I. C. T. This is by such improvements of technology such as a system that allows train drivers to communicate with different stations and platforms and also to each other. This is useful for train drivers to report any faults with any of the tube lines. Trains can be informed of any accidents or delays and know whether to slow down speed up etc.

This benefits both underground workers and commuters and has been made possible through the advances made in I. C. T. Another of the public sectors that has been impacted for the better by the use and implementation of I. C. T is the Health Sector. Hospitals are now much more able to help treat and cure people. This can be seen through some examples of existing technology that is currently being used. For example

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