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In many cultures, it is considered unclean to wear shoes in the home. Sometimes visitors from different backgrounds sometimes forget to remove their shoes when they enter such cultured homes. To counter this problem Shoe removal detector will help to notify person who forget to remove their shoes. The focus market of this shoe removal detector is every house owner who want keep their house hygienic and keep dirt away from visitors’ shoes. Especially asian(Indian+Chinese) backgrounded people are the market focus.

Also the Hindu and Buddhist temples insist people to remove shoes before entering. Such kind of places could also be a good market place. According to some research over billions of people around the world, they have custom removing shoes outside the house. Most of east Asian and south east asian people have culture removing their shoes outside the house. In the western culture people have been preferring to wear shoes or some kind of protection on their feet.

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But nowadays western people are becoming more concerned about hygiene issues and started to prefer removing shoes. During our research we found that western people are also likely to buy the shoe removal detector because they are aware of the fact that shoes with dirt, pesticides and toxins may seriously affect human health especially the house with kids. Though more people are aware of advantages of removing shoes outside the house, they wouldn’t want to embarrass a visitor having robotic stuffs on the doorstep.

This is a great risk for our product market and we need to insist the hygienic issues more firmly to market this product. This device would help people to practice removing shoes when they enter house and also would be help to establish more hygienic life in the house. We’re developing a shoe removal detector which identifies and notifies a person entering the premises with shoes. We’re developing it in a way to work as an intruder alarm as well. Though there are many intruder alarms in market this one includes shoe removal detector as well.

Our main market focus is the people who are very concerned about hygiene and the people who have the custom of removing shoes outside the house such as chinese and indian people. There are some places like Hindu/Buddhist temples they insist to remove the shoes before entering. In such places this product can help a lot. But we still face a potential risk because though people are concerned about hygiene they wouldn’t want to embarrass a visitor. It could look insane.

We have to overcome this risk by insisting the risks we face by an unclean shoe. This product detects whether the visitor is wearing shoes or not and notifies him to remove the shoes if he’s wearing one. So here we’re going to use a sensing pad which is big enough not to miss visitors foot. Once the visitor set the foot on, it has to notify newcomer to remove his shoes if he’s wearing one. This product can also be used as an intruder alarm, which notifies the owner of the premises about the newcomer.

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