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The magazine I have chosen is called Red, it is very popular in woman readers. they are reading when they go to work in the bus they reader when they are waiting in Dr waiting room or when they feed their babies. All these woman are dreaming about becoming one of these super slim boatful modals on the front of this magazine. I will be writing about how it attracts it’s readers and what sex and age are they, althorn this magazine is focused on female readers there are a lot of young men whiling to buy and read this magazine this is not because they want to be on the front cover it is more of the fact of what is already on the cover .

Straight when you look at the magazine’s front cover you see a dazzling woman if a man sees this he thinks wow she is nice and it gets his attention however on woman it has an effect of thinking that if she buys this magazine she will also look like her or she can find some advice on how to look like her. Therefore it has her attention and the designer uses the colour red in the title. The red colour is a rich colour and is very visible therefore once again drawing your attention at the magazine.

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Then at the sides it has sub headings which are very powerful for example ‘you are the boss ‘and ‘designer babies’ these titles draw major attention because they tell you the important stories in the magazine and give you a clue of what you are buying these little titles attract your attention and feed your imagination and interest . And on top of that in bold writing ‘love’ this is one of the two major attention seekers on this front cover. Love is the magic word that every woman wants to hear.

Therefore if they buy the magazine they think that love will follow and specially lonely woman can dream about love through this magazine also in bold writing ‘Catherine zeta- Jones’ she is a beautiful rich and powerful woman and celebrity. The woman love gossip and stories about Celebes and again they think that if they buy the magazine it would help them look like Catherine zeta- Jones . This magazine has a target audience of female readers from the age of fifteen to thirty, this is because of the colour used and some of the titles for example winter skin care specials.

Woman want to look nice and they think they will with the help of this magazine have beautiful skin like celebrities. And at the bottom there are little titles such as fashion ,health ,food ,home, travel all of these are associated with woman and the colours used are mainly red, pink and baby blue, these colours are associated as female colours so this magazine is focused on the young female that want to look like a star and cares about her appearance.

At the top of this magazine there is only three pounds price which is a good price for the thickness of this magazine and the quality and quantity of the stories. The front cover is made of a stronger paper than other magazines. And shows that it is higher quality than another magazines. this makes it more durable so woman can travel with it in their bag and it will not get destroyed. there is also the title ‘fashion finders’ woman love

fashion this is either because they want to fit in with the rest or the opposite they want to stand out but both want to look beautiful. Then comes the title ‘life behind the fairy tale’ this is real gossip someone’s real life. The woman love to read this type of stories they love to see what stars are really like and how they behave and what their problems are this will attract readers strait away and again the designer uses bold writing in bright pink to make it even more attractive. This is why it is attractive magazine and that is why it gets readers .

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