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The scene with the rehearsal of the play, is when the audience first witnesses Bottom’s speech disability. The title A Midsummer Nights Dream, I think, represents the dreamland that the characters are in when the ‘love juice’ is sprinkled on their eyes and the characters fall in love with the first person that they see. Again this can be seen as comical to the audience.

I would like to think that the comical side of A Midsummer Nights Dream is also portraying informative aspects such as ensuring the audience know how certain characters feel at important moments during the play. This shows there is a deep comparison to be made between different aspects, not necessarily in all cases, but certainly in the examples given in the previous paragraphs. A further example of comical scenes from A Midsummer Nights Dream is when Demetrius is sprinkled with the ‘love juice’ and notices Helena.

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What happens at this point in the play is that Helena who previously worshipped Demetrius and had followed him everywhere trying to make him notice her, without success, now found the situation reversed, with Demetrius falling madly in love with her simply because of a sprinkle of love juice which took only a few seconds whilst her efforts had taken significantly longer. This causes confusion for Helena. She does not believe that Demetrius can change his mind so quickly. Therefore she ends up running away from Demetrius, so it is a complete role reversal.

As I mentioned earlier in my coursework, everybody does not always see the comical parts as comical. In this case, the audience found it funny. However, I really doubt it would be seen as funny in the real world. What I believe Shakespeare is trying to get across is that humour can be found in certain situations but it isn’t always as humorous for the character in real life. By this I mean that in everyday life dramatic events are often very serious but in a drama production the message can often be more easily put across using humour and/or situations.

In the book A Midsummer Nights Dream I think that Shakespeare puts the message across quite clearly and in a fairly simple format. I found Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Nights Dream quite a serious story, with a few comical elements. These help the story along in an effective manner. The comedy helps portray some of the messages that the audience would like to be aware of. Comedy, I think, is the best way to get a message through to somebody, especially if we are referring to the younger generation, which we are in this case. If the child has something to laugh about, he or she will probably listen more attentively.

I think this because it is a more creative way of portraying the situation. For example, if a child has done something wrong he or she will find it easier to discuss it if some humour is involved. It makes it more interesting. In conclusion of my A Midsummer Nights Dream coursework, I would like to comment that having read other Shakespeare novels I personally found this to be the most interesting. I say this because as an individual who enjoys creativity and light-hearted situations, I was able to understand many of the serious points within the story as the humour held my attention throughout.

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