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Self confidence is essential if a performer is to achieve at the highest level of their capacity. The growth of a positive attitude will enable the achievement of the self fulfilling prophecy. Self motivation We are motivated to compete in sport by a number of factors. These factors include a desire to achieve mastery, a wish for status, friendship, challenge or excitement. The motivation to participate and to succeed at a sport comes from within a performer (intrinsic) or from their coach (extrinsic).

Self motivation is the internal drive to succeed, it is the performer’s intention to perform at their best. Players have their own personal motivation factors which include:In groups people to work less hard than they do on their own, because individuals lessen their effort when they are part of a group. This loss of performance is known as the Ringlemann effect. There are many causes of social loafing in sport for example individuals perceived that other people in the group are working less than themselves.

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Social loafing can be minimised in sport by performers believing that their effort is identifiable by the team and people accept their own responsibility to the team’s performance as a whole. Coaches recognised this and make it public to the team about loafing and can discuss this as a general issue, and private to those individuals who have misplaced their effort. Conclusion

In conclusion I think that ability and motivation are as important as each other because without ability you wouldn’t be able to give a successful performance and without motivation you couldn’t give a good performance again. So without both you wouldn’t be able to succeed at a sport. The equation skill= ability + technique, doesn’t involve motivation but it can be put into the equation at ability and technique because without motivation you wouldn’t be able to learn the correct techniques and without motivation you wouldn’t be able to apply the abilities in a games situation.

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