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The play ‘Closer’ has a linear storyline with all events happening after each other. This is because the play is set in real time and not told from the past and every thing has to happen in chronological order for the plot to make sense. However, it does have possible cyclical elements with the fact that Alice gets hit by a car at the beginning and gets killed by a car at the end of the play. The play uses narrative gaps and leaves out some detail like what happens in the 8 months between scenes 2-3.

This is so the audience don’t find out too much of the plot too early and builds tension and suspense. The gaps in the text are necessary so that the plot can build and characters can develop. As the play is written about relationships and it takes time for them to grow. Scene 4 must happen a day after scene 3 otherwise it would not make sense. Otherwise the other scenes have months between them and we have to create what happened between the scenes ourselves.

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It is a serious piece and is performed almost as a TV drama, the similarity it has with a TV show is that it performs at an audience rather than with an audience. The play doesn’t use monologues mainly because there are always at least two characters on stage at a time. It is not the style of the play to use soliloquy’s and again uses that TV drama style so monologues would be out of place. The same reason is given for the reason narrations are not used the play explains itself as it progresses.

‘Closer’ generally sticks to the traditional structure of Exposition- Rising action- Climax- Denouement. The play does however have what appears to be two structures to it one in the first act rising to climax and then it climbing back to climax again in act two. The structure loosely goes along the lines of the exposition is the couples getting together and establishing links, then the rising action of couples having affairs and breaking up, Climax when the arguments break out between the couples and they all break up, and finally the Denouement is the couples all going their separate ways.

Scene eight uses different time zones when Anna is talking to Dan in the present time about her meeting with Larry at lunchtime, and in the other instance we are seeing her meeting with Larry at the same time this is to give the impression of flash backs in time and memory and to keep her movements and actions clear in the audiences heads.

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