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There are two main types of factors that can affect both domestic and ibound tourism positively or negatively. They are either internal or external factors. Internal factors are issues that are internal to the UK, that are only to do with the UK itself, whereas, external factors range from the actions of governments to natural disasters over which UK has little absolutely no control. The five main factors I have choose to analyse in greates detail are; quality and good of services, marketing campaigns, economic recession, weather, and exchange rates.

MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Marketing campaigns means defined series of activities that are purposely designed to promote a product, service or business. To achieve that the campaigns are usually using television, radio, internet, posters, however, they do not only restrict to these mediums, they also include demonstrations, word of mouth and other interactive techniques. For example, Visit Britain has a number of strategies to attract identified target markets.

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The Prime Minister has come up with different ideas to promote Britain abroad, what means that it will affect not domestic tourist but inbound tourism as well. The aim of these marketing campaigns is to market Britain successfully to visitors from around the world. One of the events that took place and are worth mentioning is the Royal Wedding. The marriage between Prince William, and Kate Middleton was seen as the biggest royal wedding since the wedding of Prince Charles, and Diana Spencer in 1981.

The wedding had a significant impact on Tourism in United Kingdom, as most of all, it has brought big amount of money – ‘’? 2bn boost to UK tourism’’, and it has increased the number of visitors in ? 50millions. As William and Kate say their vows, up to 1. 1million tourists flood into the capital, spending tens of millions on refreshments, hotels, attractions and souvenirs. ‘’ Around 60 per cent will be domestic visitors, travelling to London from around the country, with 40 per cent visiting from overseas.

‘’ One billion people worldwide tuned in to watch Prince Charles marry Lady Diana in 1981 and even more could watch Prince William’s nuptials as the event is being streamed live on YouTube. ’’ ‘’Tourism chiefs hope that the internet and social networking sites will make the wedding accessible to more people than ever before, creating a new generation of tourists keen to explore Britain’s royal history. ‘’


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