“Reimagine by Richard Lee Harris is a remarkable collection of poems by a man who grew up in log cabins without electricity, indoor plumbing, or running water along the Skagit River deep in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington State where his perceptions and language were shaped by the grandeur of nature and the culture of backwoods loggers and Native Americans. In his retirement years, he has returned to his passion of loving words, studying poetry at the University of Iowa’s well-known Summer Writing Festival. A regular reader of his works at public forums and events, he comes to poetry from the enchantment of sound, rhythm, image, and emotion—manifesting the best sense of the word amateur, from Latin amator (“I love”).”
—Don Duffy, Professor emeritus, Central Oklahoma University

about This River Sings:  "I am not the only one who is interested. Your poem on the Skagit River Journal website is attracting a lot of readers who share our enthusiasm for Reimagine. I've been toying with an introduction to the book; use it if you like:

     "We are often told that the images of a creative man are born in his dreams and experiences as a child. As you read his poem, 'This River Sings,' you can imagine Dick Harris as a child, living with his brother Jim in the 1880s-era Tom Porter log cabin, dreaming and scribbling as the wind blew through the spaces between the logs. We await publication of Reimagine: Poems, 1993-2009, to read the connections between boy and man and the reflections of someone who observed close-up out there near Illabot Creek, the pioneer spirit of the Skagit River region."
                                                                     Noel V. Bourasaw,

"Thank you . . . for Reimagine. The book fell open to "Conversation" and I laughed. . . . Since Memorial Day is fresh in my mind I read the poem with that title. Truly lovely, a tribute to someone who died too young.
    "And thanks for adding the notes at the back of the book describing the poems."
                                                                                                       Carol Schaefer, Head Librarian
                                                                                                       Lumpkin Library, Blackburn College
                                                                                                       Carlinville, Illinois

Book reviews, interviews, and online publication of individual poems:

Richard Lee Dick Harris

Through Others' Eyes

“With this collection of poems, Richard Lee Harris invites us to reimagine events that have become part of a rich life that began in the Upper Skagit River Valley in northwest Washington State and have taken him around the world. He introduces us to a series of environments where we can wander, appreciating the elegance of nature along with the clash of cultures. Some of the journeys are leisurely strolls through ancient neighborhoods. Some are brief encounters where we become aware of the complexity that lies beneath each moment we experience.”
                                     —Jim Milstead, PhD (ret.), University of California-Berkeley